About EVAK


Being a One-stop Shop

Evak’s manufacturing happens in Taiwan. Through joint venture and cooperation, Evak works together with the most successful manufactures of pumps in Taiwan under a single banner of product excellence. In fact, Evak partners share a big part of the pump market worldwide, which includes developing and distributing products to many large international brands.

Being a one-stop shop, Evak manufactures and distributes a great number of pump types; Submersible pumps, Submersible Vortex / Cutter sewage pumps, Jet Aerators, Heavy-duty Sewage Pumps, Stainless Steel pumps, Open impeller pumps, Centrifugal pumps, 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” SST submersible deep well pumps and 4” SST + Plastic floating impeller submersible deep well pumps. Evak also distributes and exports pump parts.


Evak And Its Partners’ Manufacturing Excellence Is Second To None.

Evak Offers a Total Branding Solution

Evak’s success is its ability to supply a one-stop shop for all the services and solutions requirements, including on-site assistance, maintenance and spare parts. But Evak’s total solution is not limited to safe and efficient delivery, logistics, product assurance and after market services. It goes beyond this.



How do Evak Partners Benefit?

What makes Evak unique is its branding support. Partners around the world can now have access to the Evak brand which is consistent in quality, innovation and design. Coupled with strong brand promotional support, catalogues, manuals, leaflets, advertising support, retail support and exhibition support, this exclusive offering stems from the desperate need of our world partners to reduce promotional costs to counter the market’s needs for price competitiveness. Importers, agents, dealers and retailers now have access to all the brand promotional material that Evak produces. This considerably reduces their marketing and promotion costs.

Evak Introduction Video